Texas Dog Treats, LLC - No junk in our treats!
Texas Dog Treats, LLC - All Natural & Organic *Healthy * Fresh * Oven-Baked* 100% USA
What makes us better & 
Why you should feed Texas Dog Treats to your dog 


  • We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients
  • Our cookies are healthy to help your dog stay fit, healthy, and strong.
  • Our dog treats are baked fresh to order.  
  • We offer low-fat, wheat, and gluten free cookies.
  • Have you read the label on other dog treats- what's really in them?!  Where are they made? This is important for your dogs health!
  • *Made in the USA* Texas Commercial Feed License 704234
  •  Support local business

Apples, Blueberries, Flax Seed, Oats, Parsley and other healthy all natural organic ingredients. 
No Preservatives-Not even natural preservatives!
Free of preservatives, artificial flavors & additives.
  • NO corn      
  • NO salt 
  • NO sugar 
  • NO soy
  • NO baking soda
  • NO oils
  • NO egg
  • NO garlic
  • NO carob
  • NO artificial food coloring or flavoring
  • NO animal by-products

WHY? Just like people, some dogs are sensitive to the foods listed above- so we don't use those items in our products.
*If you want to special order treats w/ your choice ingredient- Please contact us.  Some of our customer favorites: peanut butter & banana , and venison & apple!

Texas Commercial Feed License 704234
Give your dog a bite of a true Texas treasure. 
Your dog will thank you.

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