Texas Dog Treats, LLC - Our Ingredients & Flavors
Texas Dog Treats, LLC - All Natural & Organic *Healthy * Fresh * Oven-Baked* 100% USA
Our flavors, ingredients & the Health Benefits:

APPLE CINNAMON OATMEAL: Low-fat and a great source for protein and beta-carotene.   No preservatives or oils.  Our cookies contain healthy Organic ingredients: oats, blend of flours, apples, carrots, flax seed,cinnamon,parsley, mint.

BLUEBERRY : Low in fat.  Blueberries also promote urinary tract health.  No preservatives or oils! Our cookies contain healthy Organic ingredients: oats, blend of flours, blueberries, flax seed,organic mint.  

PEANUT BUTTER:  We use fresh ground peanuts. No preservatives or extra oils. Our cookies contain healthy Organic ingredients: oats,blend of flours,fresh ground  peanut butter, flax seed,  parsley, mint.

Texas Commercial Feed License 704234

Apples ~ Natural source of fiber.
Blueberries ~ Excellent source of antioxidants & promotes urinary  tract health.

Brown Rice Flour ~ for Wheat-Free treats
Carrots ~ Excellent source of beta-carotene for vision. 
Cranberries ~ Promotes urinary tract health.
Cinnamon ~ Anti-inflammatory properties- helps joint pain. Good for  the heart, too!
Flax seed ~Excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for  your pet's skin and coat health.
 Oats ~ Contain phosphorus; benefit several body organs and systems, including: skin,  nervous system, stomach, spleen, lungs, and the urinary and reproductive systems.
Parsley ~ Can reduce allergy symptoms and aid kidney function.

Rye Flour ~ An alternative if your dog has a wheat allergy.
Sweet  Potatoes ~ Rich form of carbohydrates, minerals, and Vitamin  A. Which provides a good source for energy.


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