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Texas Dog Treats, LLC - All Natural & Organic *Healthy * Fresh * Oven-Baked* 100% USA
Texas Dog Treats offers fresh all natural wholesome treats for your canine companion.

Our dog treats are low in fat, healthy and filled with chop licking goodness. We use the finest ingredients which are fresh, healthy and safe for your dog to eat. Need WHEAT-FREE? We've got you covered!  
   Real food. Oats, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and other natural organic ingredients produced in the USA. Created and baked fresh in the Lone Star State!   
NO Preservatives.  NO additives. 
We avoid using corn, dye, oils, salt, soy, sugar, and other junk found in other treats!
*Made in the USA*
 Texas Commercial Feed License 704234
  We want only the best for our dogs and for yours, too.  We take pride in our products and have a passion for what we do. 

*Call to order & pick up at 
  Williams-Sonoma Sugar Land store! 
** 48 hour notice required.
We ship our products to anywhere in the US. 
*Treats are vacuum sealed when shipped.
We do not use ANY preservatives & bake after you place your order. 
All products must be stored in freezer to maintain quality & freshness when purchased. Will last 6 months in freezer. (we keep a container in the door of the freezer at our home)  If you don't want to serve them frozen the will last about 2 days once removed from freezer.   
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Texas Commercial Feed License 704234
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